COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                                    June 23, 2017

  Up-Stitch worked with Global Fashion Studies teacher Tiffanie McNett and her class at the  

  Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical Education Center to create custom tote 

  bags! This is a project that promotes alternatives to the current fashion and textile cycle

  which endangers both the environment and garment workers. Using locally donated

  materials, the students are, first, making tote bags as they might in a sweatshop: the design

  is given to them and the bag’s production is broken down into its component parts and put 

  together via an assembly line. Next, they will be allowed to design and construct their own

  project. In this way, the students will be able to experience, first hand, the difference

  between current fashion production and a more humane form of production.


                  Global Fashion Students discussing the project.                                                 Preparing materials!

      Finished tote bags created by the Global Fashion Class are for sale in the Up-Stitch shop now!!

  REDISTRIBUTION                                                                                May 27, 2017

  We recently redistributed some of our materials to Angeline Peone, the

  Recycling Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County.

  Angelina created a large community art installation that raises awareness of textile recovery 

  and textile recycling in NYS. The concept behind the installation involves weaving  

  fabric materials through a chain-link fence that surrounds the Sustainability Center and 

  Greenhouses at Central Park in Schenectady. The event took place during their May 20th 

  plant sale.


  REDISTRIBUTION                                                                                  April 22, 2017                                                    

  We have been lucky to receive enough donations to be able to redistribute a portion of     

  our sewing and knitting supplies to local organizations with inspiring missions.

  While participating in the Town of Bethlehem’s “Spring Recycle Fest” Maggie and Megan

  met some wonderful people including Sandy, Judy & Rosemary from the Delmar Progress 

  Club. We were able to redistribute some of the yarn donations to the Progress Club on the

  spot to support their Afghans for Wheelchair Patients project.


  COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                                 July 1, 2017

  Maggie and Megan are working on creating a Lending Library with knitting & crochet

  needles and other specialty sewing tools. This will be a low cost way people in the

  community can use these items without having to buy them out right. Why should everyone

  have to buy everything when we can share? More information to come soon.

  COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                                        August 2, 2017

  Just today we passed some of our excess cotton fabric on to a wonderful local organization

  called The Mooncatcher Project. Girls in developing countries often drop out of school when

  they reach puberty because they have no access to feminine hygiene products. The

  MoonCatcher Project provides reusable, washable, menstrual pads that can be worn

  without underwear to girls in the poorest communities worldwide.

  We are planning to host a MoonCatcher Sewing Bee (a MoonBee) this Fall at Up-Stitch.  

  Volunteers will come together to construct the reusable menstrual pads. Please stay tuned

  for more information about the Moonbee in future emails.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                                July 31, 2017

   We have redistributed a bin of worsted weight wool yarn to the Albion Women's Correctional  

   Facility where incarcerated women will be knitting hats for Seafarers International House!

   SIH is a multi-faith, multi-national harbor of hospitality seeking to nurture the human spirit

   and foster human dignity by providing social assistance and advocacy to seafarers, 

   sojourners and people on the way if you have any amount of wool yarn you'd like to donate

   to the women at Albion for this special project please let us know and we'll pass it along.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         September 4, 2017

   Up-Stitch recently donated a box of cotton fabric to Art Educator and Author (and friend)

   Mary Ellen Shevalier! She will be using the materials in an upcoming October 22nd

   Sheval Sip-N-Paint event to benefit the Rohde Center Food Pantry in Adams, NY.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         September 4, 2017

   Up-Stitch recently donated knitting needles to a knitting group at the Elsmere

   Elementary School in Delmar for 4th-5th graders.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 21, 2017

   While participating in Sustainable Saratoga’s recent recycling event Up-Stitch had the

   opportunity to pass along some beautiful yarn to the Waldorf School of

   Saratoga Springs!!


  COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                                 October 23, 2017

  Up-Stitch recently held a knitting circle to benefit Grassroot Givers, a wonderful Albany 

  organization. One of Grassroot’s programs is to provide dishcloths to individuals

  transitioning from shelters into their own residences! Up-Stitch was able to deliver 24    

  dishcloths to Grassroots to be used a housewarming gifts!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 30, 2017

   We had the opportunity to pass along a pile of fleece to Compassionate Warmth - a

   local organization sponsored by Hugs USA. The group will utilize community

   volunteers to turn the fleece into no-sew blankets. Some of the finished blankets will

   be sent to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma victims while the rest will be given away   

   locally to those in need.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         November 11, 2017

   While participating in America Recycles Day Schenectady earlier this month Up-Stitch

   had the opportunity to pass along some beautiful yarn to the inspiring Sit N Knit program

   at the Schenectady Inner City Ministry!!

    COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                            November 20, 2017

    This Fall Maggie worked with the students at the wonderful St. Vincent’s Preschool in

    Albany to create a quilt from Up-Stitch fabrics! The students were able to choose their

    own materials in their own miniature “fabric shop” and Maggie showed them how to use

    a rotary cutter and sew. Creating future sewers while upcycling fabric!

   COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                           December 2, 2017

   Up-Stitch held a Charity Knit-In Workshop which turned out to be a wonderful get together  

   and very productive. Up-Stitch donated 28 adult winter hats, 3 fur hats, 2 baby hats, 15

   scarves and 6 baby blankets. Thank you to Heather Sabina for organizing and delivering all 

   the donations to the Capital City Rescue Mission.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         January 12, 2018

   Up-Stitch had the opportunity to donate fabric for 2 quilts Anna and Karen Schupack

   created for a fundraiser at the RISSE center in Albany. The quilts incorporate self portraits

   made by refugee children Anna worked with at the center.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         February 4, 2018

   Up-Stitch had the opportunity to donate fleece fabric to Joanne Buckley, a Third Grade

   Teacher at Latham Ridge School. Her students made no-sew fleece blankets for

   children in need. They gave 8 blankets to Albany Medical Center and were able to send

   the remainder to Texas to those still recovering from the hurricane.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 15, 2018

    Up-Stitch made a recent yarn donation to St. Vincent’s Food Pantry in Albany. The food

    pantry serves guests in the Pine Hills and Eagle Point neighborhoods in Albany.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 17, 2018

    We recently had the opportunity to donate 32 pairs of knitting needles and a whole lot

    of yarn to the wonderful organization The Friends of Kakamega. The yarn and needles

    went with Anna Schupack on a mission to Kenya to support the work of The Friends.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 5, 2018

    Up-Stitch made a yarn donation to the art classroom at the Albany International

    Center. The Center serves about 175 refugee and immigrant students in grades 6-12

    from throughout Albany who are in the early stages of learning English.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 22, 2018

    Up-Stitch has donated basic sewing tools for 8 students who will be attending a new

    after school sewing group at the Albany International Center. The program is based at

    North Albany Academy and aims to give refugee and immigrant students the tools and

    skills they need to assimilate to a new culture.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         April 21, 2018

    Up-Stitch (with help from our volunteers) put together a donation of embroidery supplies for  

    the artist and quilter Melissa Sarris for an exhibition entitled Dislocations at the Collar Works

    Gallery in Troy. Melissa exhibited embroidery developed in conjunction with women 

    incarcerated in NYS. In Melissa’s words: “The intention of the embroidery project is to make 

    the invisible voices of the incarcerated visible, allowing their humanity to shine through.”

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 20, 2018

    We have been trying to clean out our storage space at Up-Stitch to make more room for 

    donations! This week we donated 6 bags of bed sheets to the local organization

    Grassroot Givers. This wonderful organization provides home good and linens (as well as

    clothes and other household items) to families in need for no cost.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 22, 2018

    Up-Stitch recently connected with some local teachers and we have had fun giving away

    loads of supplies that will be used in lots of creative ways! Mr. Obaroene works at O’Neil

    Middle School and plans to make puppets with the kids at the North Albany Academy

    Elementary School this summer. We were able to give him: buttons, 2 bolts of fabric,

    2 bags of fabric including some fun fur, and one box of yarn.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 24, 2018

    After putting out a message that we would like to give away fabric we were contacted by

    Sharon who makes dresses for the organization Little Dresses for Africa. She picked up 2  

    boxes of free fabric from us and is transforming them into 25 dresses to send to girls in

    need. She sent us a photo of the first 2 dresses - adorable!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 18, 2018

    Up-Stitch recently connected with the Art Teachers at Albany High School and we were

    able to donate some supplies to their program! We gave them boxes of yarn,

    embroidery floss, fabric scraps and some sheets. Fun projects ahead for Fall!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 18, 2018

    Up-Stitch has had the opportunity to donate a box of yarn and needles to Laura Cooper

    for her summer knitting program at the South End Children’s Cafe. The cafe is a local

    Albany organization focused on positively influencing the physical and mental health of

    children in Albany by offering free, healthy dinners as well as homework help, mentoring,

    exercise and participation in the arts.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         June 28, 2018

    Up-Stitch often receives donations of partially finished projects, especially quilts! We

    finally found someone to take them. The Bethlehem Lutheran Church Quilting Friends in

    Delmar will finish the projects and donate them to people in need.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         July 8, 2018

   Up-Stitch donated this yarn to a local knitter and crocheter who makes blankets, scarves,

   hats and sometimes sweaters to donate to City Mission, St. Peter’s Hospital, Daughters of

   Sarah Elder Care, the Humane Society, the Ronald McDonald House and Michael’s holiday 


   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         July 18, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated boxes of fabric scraps, yarn and cotton to Woodland Hill Montessori

   School teacher Toni Roland. Toni will be teaching students in the summer program to

   weave with burlap, sew an apron and then wear the apron to cook something yummy!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         July 24, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of interesting fabric scraps to our friend Melissa Sarris who

   is working with the Troy Boys & Girls Club on a summer program of quilting called “Hip Hop

   Sew.” Looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         September 30, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of yarn to the Presbyterian Church in New Scotland where it

   will be used to knit hats to be given to the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless in

   Albany. So happy that this unwanted yarn will be put to such good use!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         August 13, 2018

    Up-Stitch mailed a box of trim and fabric to the organization Little Dresses for Africa. They

    will distribute the materials to people who will make the dresses for girls in developing


   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 4, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of cotton and flannel fabric to the local chapter of the

   organization Quilts for Kids. There are wonderful people donating their time there!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         August 17, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of yarn to Beth Joslin who will use it to teach weaving to her

   pottery class at the Albany Art Room. There’s always something fun happening here!!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 2018

   Up-Stitch has put together a box of assorted fabric and trim to Genevieve Chornyak, the

   Fashion Illustration teacher at Shaker High School in Latham. Her students will be using

   the supplies in an upcoming Mood Board presentation project. Sounds intriguing!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 2, 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of fabric and a box of yarn to Amanda Mannato - the art   

   teacher at ASH School in Albany. She is planning to make a dragon mosaic and other

   fantastic projects with the supplies!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         October 2018

   Up-Stitch has put together a box of fabric for Fran DelSignore, a teacher at Hackett Middle

   School who will be using the fabric for the school’s upcoming production of “The Little

   Mermaid.” Break a leg!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                           October 2018

   Up-Stitch has donated several boxes of fabric to Woodland Hill Montessori

   School (where Megan teaches art) and it was used by the students to decorate the

   construction fence around the main entrance to the school. Upcycling and community art

   all in one!


   REDISTRIBUTION                                                               November 2018

   Up-Stitch recently donated 81 handmade dishcloths to Grassroot Givers, a wonderful

   Albany organization, for their “A Simple Day of Giving” event on November 17th. At the

   event community members will gather to create beautiful gifts of home essentials and

   personal hygiene products. These gifts will go directly to low-income individuals and

   families, shelters, schools, non-profit agencies, literacy programs and other community  

   partners in the Capital Region.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         November 2018

   We had the opportunity to pass along a pile of fleece to Katy Noakes who will be hosting

   a “Make a Blanket” event on Wednesday November 28th at the Guilderland Public Library.

   All blankets made at the event will stay local and benefit homeless veterans and children

   in shelters. Register to attend the event at the library website by November 14th, 2018!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         November 2018

   Up-Stitch donated a box of knitted and crocheted items to Jezreel International, an Albany 

   based humanitarian aid organization. Some of these clothing items came to Up-Stitch as   

   UFOs (un-finished objects) and were completed by our talented volunteers.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         January 2019

   Up-Stitch donated 3 boxes of fabric to the Rensselaer Crafters, a local organization

   dedicated to improving English literacy for immigrants. The sewing class provides a

   social environment in which participants learn sewing terms and techniques while

   practicing their English conversation.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         January 2019

   In October we gave a box of assorted fabric and trim to Genevieve Chornyak, the

   Fashion Illustration teacher at Shaker High School in Latham. She recently sent us these

   photos of her student’s work. She said, “most students are physically disabled and this

   was a great project to allow them to make choices and cut and glue with the assistance

  of their aides.”

   COMMUNITY PROJECT                                                                         January 2019

   This winter we asked our volunteers to take some yarn from the shop and knit or crochet

   a winter item for kids in our local schools. Our wonderful volunteers exceeded our

   expectations as always! Here are the beautiful items they created which will be donated

   to the New Scotland Elementary School in Albany. Thank you everyone!

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         January 2019

   Up-Stitch has donated a box of yarn and needles to the St. James Food Pantry in

   Albany. A little nourishment for knitters in need.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 2019

   Up-Stitch recently gave a tote bag of cotton fabric to Melissa Sarris’s “Stitching Exchange”,

   a learn-English workshop for immigrants that uses sewing and embroidery as the common

   language. Melissa is also working with RISSE in Albany, NY. Follow the story at

   @stitchexchange and

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         March 2019

   Up-Stitch is always happy to give supplies to teachers! We recently donated upholstery

   fabric for a sculpture project and doilies for use with clay to Joe Allard - an elementary

   art teacher in the Albany City Schools.

   REDISTRIBUTION                                                                         February 2019

   Kim Case, an art teacher at Shaker High School, contacted us to get buttons, lace and

   fabric for her upcoming collage and clay units. Lots of texture and color!